Frequently Asked Questions



1. I can't find where to enter the coupon code during a sale. Where do I enter it?

You enter the coupon code on the shopping cart page. Once you have finished adding items to your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon. Select "Go to Cart". This will take you to the shopping cart page where you'll see a summary of everything you have ordered and underneath is where you'll find the coupon code. If you select checkout you will not have the option to enter the code.


2. Where does my order ship from and how long will it take?

The orders ship from the East Coast and are shipped via UPS ground. Delivery time is typically 3-5 business days but it can be longer due to Holidays or weather.


3. Can I pick up at the clinic instead of having my order shipped?

Yes! During the checkout process there is an in-store pick up option when you get to the shipping address section. Once you check that box your shipping address is removed and you'll see our pick up location. This also removes all shipping charges. 

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