PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

HMR will be discontinuing their distribution of PB2. The last day to order the PB2 to be shipped is May 20th. We expect to have it available for in-store pick up through the end of the month. After that you can find PB2 or a similar product at your local grocery store or Costco.

Create an endless variety of deliciously decadent peanut butter shakes, puddings, and more with this all-natural, versatile add-in.  Enjoy natural roasted peanut butter flavor without any preservatives or artificial flavors.  Mix a tablespoon into your favorite HMR® meal replacement, and it just might become your new favorite flavoring!

Each jar contains 30 delicious, one-tablespoon servings.

Serving Size 1 Tablespoon: 22 Calories, 2.5g Protein, 0.75g Fat, 0g Trans Fat, 2.5g Carbohydrate, 47mg Sodium.

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